What we do

We support children and youth to reach their full potential!

We Find & Fund

we located the needy african children who need help and also who haven’t had means for lively hood and give them the hope and support we can offer to make them smile and pickup.

We Educate

We render scholarship to those who are not able to afford school fees on the basis of monetary limitation and the effect which follows suit 

We Provide Care

We render care to the African child through clothing and shoes also food item to make them cloth and feed so as to see that they are part of the society.

We Consult

We are philanthropies and we also seek the ideas and notions of most african on the way to render this activity with sincerity and simplicity

We Build the futre

Through the impact and community outreach we impact the society and those in it to see that Africa need a change and the youth are the key.

We Strengthen

We give encouragement and we provide advice and more to the African youth who are ready to take the forefront to make the change.

What we care for

New life for children, in Africa

We make a change my donating through the help of our co sponsors who see the need of making Africa a better place. Africa will never be a better place if love and change doesn’t forester and we are there to bring this to the younger generation to make them see reason of the change. 

A new future for African children through donation

We use this campaign as a means of revenue raising to feed and cloth those African who aren’t able to take care of them self and provide education to0 enrich themselves in order to eradicate poverty and make Africa a better place through the spread of love and innovation

Bringing dreams within reach for African children

We love to provide education to the needy and those who are in need in order to make them smile and see need for the to change Africa for the youths are the leader and game changers of tomorrow. We all need to support and give them the helping hand they require through donation and love