Together, we can

Build a Better Africa Where the Future of the Youth is Guaranteed.


We care for the children all over the African Continent, no matter race nor tribe thereby sharing love

We deliver to the community through our scheme we put out calling it Community Outreach. 
Philanthropy in Africa is a wiled and sensible adventure by most African who want to impact Africa with their good will.

What we do

We support children and youth to reach their full potential despite the inferiority and the negligent in Africa.

We Find & Fund

we located the needy african children who need help and also who haven’t had means for lively hood and give them the hope and support we can offer to make them smile and pickup.

We Educate

We render scholarship to those who are not able to afford school fees on the basis of monetary limitation and the effect which follows suit 

We Provide Care

We render care to the African child through clothing and shoes also food item to make them cloth and feed so as to see that they are part of the society.

We Consult

We are philanthropies and we also seek the ideas and notions of most african on the way to render this activity with sincerity and simplicity

What we have achieved

Donations and alot of gift from our co sponsors and well wisher who want to turn the africa children and make them smile.

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